This web page presents the results of a survey about patterns in software development. The survey was conducted during September and October 2001. Except for several experience reports, only few studies about the use of patterns in software development were conducted before. Most of them were limited to an analysis of design patterns, while this survey explicitly includes other types of patterns, e.g. analysis patterns, architectural patterns, or process patterns.


The survey was conducted by the University of Technology , Dresden, Germany. It is part of a research project for the Systems Engineering Department (german). The author of the questionnaire, the thesis, the summary as well as this web page is Thoralf Czichy (That's me). The development of the web version of the questionnaire was done by Stefan Apelt. Many thanks for his efforts. See the section acknowledgements for more.


The part of this web page you're most interested in is probably the summary of the results. This paper is available from the selection bar on the top. If you do not like html pages, you can also download the paper in postscript format from the download section. The final results of the survey are included in the English summary only. Unfortunately the diploma thesis is available in German only. The thesis contains a more detailed analysis of available pattern types, their grading according to an abstraction/transformation viewpoint, a comparison to other approaches, the Microprocess for Patterns, and much more. Basically it presents the foundations on which the questions and the classifications used in the questionnaire were developed. The thesis also contains an analysis of preliminary results of the survey. Please do not refer to these results, because as stated, they are only preliminary. The final results are only analysed in the paper "Summary of Results."


If you have any comments or if you need any further information, please contact me by email: Thoralf Czichy <thoralf(at)>.